Saturday, December 29, 2007

Young girl with baby

Young girl with baby, originally uploaded by rsa1980.

At the informal settlement near Margate, we came across this delightful young girl with responsibility for the baby. She had a quick and ready smile, but certainly had some pain in her eyes. The baby did not even have a diaper. We would like to provide diapers for the baby and clothing for both of them.

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Tracy-Jayne said...

Hi there

I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng (South Africa) and would like to provide a few items for this girl and the baby she cares for. I do distribution and some care work in informal settlements closer to home (Margate is an 8hr drive from where I live) but I believe in "spreading" joy, love and effort and this picture really moved me.

Where can I send the parcel, for who's attention and how may I mark it to make sure it makes it to this particular family? How old is the girl and the baby?

I will buy and make a few things and will be able to send the parcel off within the next 2 weeks.